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About This Site

Site Purpose

Image of my two daughters, Melissa and Rebecca

Melissa (left) & Rebecca
at RoozenGaarde

This is a sandbox site I setup as part of a learning experiment with various software languages and tools. I am a strong believer in continuing education and I hope you are, too. I wanted to do something to give back to the wonderful online communities I’ve joined outside of volunteering in support forums. This site has two main goals:

To Educate
I want to improve as a software developer and I hope you do, too. So, I’m putting stuff out there that I’ve come up with to see what you think. Feedback is encouraged.
To Entertain
I like writing about stuff that adds value to my life. That could be everything from a coding snippet to a story about my kids I want to remember. I realize for some, my kids may not be interesting. That’s OK, I won’t hold it against you.

The Site Design

This site runs on WordPress using the U-Design theme available through ThemeForest.

The Site Colours

Fluttershy of My Little Pony by blackgryph0n

Fluttershy by BlackGryph0n

The colours are my kids doing. I had a ‘manly’ palette, but after much “Dad, that’s ugly”, and “Dad, I don’t like it” I gave up and let them decide.

Being that my two kids are three and five, and we were watching My Little Pony while I did my homework, the site palette ended up being based on the character Fluttershy. Thankfully, the Internet is full of useless useful information. Someone else had already figured out what those colours were. The complete palette was developed by Beanie86 and is available on

The specific colours I used from that palette were:

Colour Sample Hexacode RGB Value Location
(The rest of the site colours are boring blacks and whites)
  #6DC7C8 109, 199, 200 Background Gradients
  #F8F798 248, 247, 152 Menu – Hover
  #F8B9CE 248, 185, 206 Anchors – Hover
  #E57FB1 229, 127, 177 Anchors – Footer
  #E2BB32 226, 187, 50 Footer – Hover
About This Site July 15, 2014