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Learning doesn’t take place in a bubble. You need to search out and find things, son! Links below are separated into language groupings. All links will open a new window. Have one you think I missed? Please contact me and I’ll look at adding it.

Note: The links below will open in a separate window.

HTML/CSS Resources

Basic Resources
Run by Chris Coyier, this site is my personal favorite. Topics covered range from the basics to the really advanced. Chris also has some great YouTube videos, such as this one, and web developer related forum(s) here:
Probably the most well known single ‘self-help’ site on the web, w3Schools provides great walkthroughs and user tutorials. That said, a lot of developers don’t like the site, as outlined by
This site has great basic function tutorials and some medium complexity tutorials. It’s more of a back-up site to reinforce the techniques explained in the other sites I’ve listed.
From the UK, Smashing Magazine provides excellent articles on the latest news and developments for web developers. The site also covers the non-coding developments, such as the latest in PhotoShop, WordPress and UX Design.
While not strictly a coding site, WordPress’s codex system offers excellent resources in CSS, HTML and PHP. For example, the image alignment CSS I used on this site was lifted from right here:

Advanced Resources
Tuts+ teaches creative and technical skills across many topics – from html and coding, to marketing and branding. tuts+ is also part of the same company that brought us ThemeForest.
Sitepoint has excellent resources, and a page with a list of CSS properties with descriptions and examples:
Mozilla, the non-profit organization responsible for the uber-cool plugin Firebug and the also excellent browser Firefox, has their own collection of resources, including a page with a list of CSS properties with descriptions and examples:

Expert Resources
If you can bite your tongue and get past the ego driven types who post responses on stackoverflow, there really is some useful information in the web developer related forum(s). It’s just kind of scary to post questions.
Yep, I actually find white papers and technojargon useful. Though, I don’t use it as much with HTML5 as I did with XHTML4.01. In addition to the white papers and technojargon, W3C provides a page with a list of HTML tags with associated attributes (, and a validating tool for html and css (
The other W3C, the WHATWG community was formed out of frustration with the too slow moving W3C. The site also offers similar tools to W3C, such as a HTML validator ( and a page with a list of HTML tags with associated attributes (
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